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FIELD NOTES | The Bro’d Trip: May

Field notes is a quick behind-the-scenes recap of the goings on in my life that didn’t make the cut for social media. Check out my fifth month on the road.

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Pic(k) of the Week | Perception vs. Reality

Some places aren’t as magical as they appear on social media. Find out the brutal truth about this spot and how perception isn’t always reality.

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Pic(k) of the Week | Do It Now

Ever since leaving for this road trip, I keep meeting people that say they wish they had done something similar. Don’t hesitate. Do it now.

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Pic(k) of the Week | Grass Is Always Greener Syndrome

Recently in California, I fell prey to Grass Is Always Greener Syndrome. Maybe you have too. It’s okay, it happens to all of us. Even CJ Hobgood!

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