Pic(k) of the Week | I Work at My Job

I recently wrote about the difference between jobs and work. I figured that I’d be a hypocrite not to provide some first-hand experience. So here we go:

Pic(k) of the Week | I Work At My Job

I’ve worked some pretty unsatisfying jobs. But I’ve also had extremely satisfying days at those jobs. The difference is attitude. If you decide that you can do your work at your job, it’s always a good day. If you decide to clock in and clock out just to get a paycheck, it’s not as enjoyable.

For me, my work is to make people happy. I could decide to do that in previous food service jobs, but it’s way harder to make that decision with people snapping their fingers at you.

It’s super easy for me to do my work when I love my job too. When this photo was taken, I was working. Believe it or not, glissading on a pleasant summer day helped me earn real, spendable, dollars so it was a job too! I love the work I do and that spirit is contagious when on shoots. I can’t help but have fun, crack jokes, and do silly things when shooting. It brings out the best in me, which brings out the best in others.

When I love my work, people I work with love working too. The result is photos like this. You can’t fake that smile!


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