Pic(k) of the Week | Spiderman Day

It was a Wednesday afternoon just like any other. I was walking down an unfamiliar street, seeing familiar things. Coffee shops, restaurants, people holding hands, people holding briefcases. Then I saw someone on the Seattle street corner near Pike Place Market I never thought I’d see.

I saw Spiderman.

Pic(k) of the Week | Spiderman Day

He darted out of a Starbucks and hopped onto a handful newspaper dispensers with couch potato-like agility. He shot imaginary webs from his hands and posed for photos. He was perfectly positioned near a crosswalk and took selfies with passerby before they continued their typical Wednesday. His Asian accent sounded different than the Peter Parker I remember seeing in the movies. But that’s okay, Spiderman was saving lives.

He might not have swooped from buildings to save pedestrians from eight-armed villains. He didn’t get any upside down make-out sessions, or at least from what I saw. But this dude was still a superhero in his own way. He went out of his way to make people smile. On a Wednesday afternoon, he spent his valuable time trying to make people happy. He didn’t accept money, just hugs and photo ops. He’s a hero.

It got me thinking. When was the last time I spent the day jumping around the city like a total goofball, slapping high fives, giving hugs, and trying to shoot webs from my hands? Unfortunately the answer is never. This is probably this guy’s normal Wednesday. For him, it’s Spiderman Day!

From what I could tell through his mask, he seemed to be loving life. I don’t think it was because Seattle was sunny for once or that he was saving the city from evil. I think he was just enjoying his Wednesday. You know, Spiderman Day.

When was the last time you made time to have a Spiderman Day?

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