Pic(k) of the Week | Sean the Land Pirate

This is Sean. He is a Land Pirate.

Pic(k) of the Week | Sean the Land Pirate

Mostly because of the long hair and monoscope, but also because…uhh…well actually that’s about all he has in common with pirates.

Sure he likes laughing with his mates, drinking ales, and spotting creatures with said monoscope. But Sean is not the average pirate.

When I was reunited with Sean as I entered Sequoia National Park, where he works, he greeted me with, “Wanna go look at some big-ass trees or something?”

Because that’s the kind of Land Pirate he is.

He is a traveller, not a hoarder.

He chases adventure, not booty (in the pirate sense).

He gives thumb drives full of possibly pirated music as going-away presents.

He is who he is: Sean the Land Pirate.

Moral of the story: find friends like Sean

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