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This past week I got to visit a place that’s been at the top of my list for quite a while. Nestled in the Cascade Mountains in Oregon, lies Blue Pool: a spring-fed oasis of crystal clear water. Surrounded by cliffs and trees, the question is not if to jump in, but from where to jump!

As the 2-mile hike led us to the top of the cliffs overlooking the pool, a certain rock caught my eye. It was the perfect launch point to fly into the blue abyss after a sweaty hike through the forest. Problem was, it’s super high and nobody was jumping in from there. In my experience, when nobody else is doing it, there’s probably a good reason.

We continued climbing down about 20 feet to a lower (but still pretty high) ledge. Justin, Amanda, and I took turns heaving ourselves into the water. With icy water waiting beneath at just 40 degrees, your body goes into survival mode the moment it hits the pool. A sprint of a swim to the side becomes your immediate response as you gasp for breath.

A couple jumps from that ledge was great, but something kept calling me to that higher rock. I wouldn’t be satisfied until I jumped from the highest point! I climbed up to give it a better look. Even though nobody else was jumping from there didn’t mean it shouldn’t be conquered. After thinking about the consequences, I decided that if I didn’t do it now, I’d probably never get another chance.

I grabbed Justin and Amanda to man cameras to document the possible tragedy and went for it. I faintly remember counting to three and carefully placing my feet where I said I would. Just enough umph and I would clear the tree below, but not too strong or else I’d collide mid-air into a much bigger tree. A perfect jump would land me safely right into the deepest part of Blue Pool.

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Photo: Amanda Sandlin

To see the jump in all it’s glory, with this week’s Bro’d Trip vlog!

The take-off went flawlessly, and as I held my breath I waited for impact. I waited and waited for what felt like an eternity! About halfway down I experienced what was probably a fragment of a second that was pure silence. It was incredible. I was fully aware of where I was yet I heard, nor thought about, anything. I was weightless in the air experiencing pure joy.

I kerplunked into the pool with a good amount of force. I couldn’t tell if it was the impact or the ice cold water that sent chills up my spine. I ended up with a solid bruise the next day from where my butt hit the water. But it was well worth it.

Had I not taken that plunge from an extra 20 feet up, I wouldn’t have experienced that tiny moment of bliss. I would’ve lived the rest of my life wondering what would’ve happened had I gone for it. Instead, I took an educated guess, trusted my gut, and created a memory I’ll never forget.

Don’t look back and wonder what if. Just Jump.

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