Pic(k) of the Week | Do “You Things”

We all get into a funk sometimes. One of the best ways to get out of your funk is to do “you things.”

Pic(k) of the Week | Do "You Things"

You things are things that you do that make you YOU. They’re activities that get your mind off of the funk in your life and remind you of who you are. The best thing about you things is that you get to decide what they are. Figuring out what your you things are¬†probably doesn’t require much thought, because it’s the stuff that comes naturally to you.

It could be yoga, reading, writing, hiking, swimming, cooking, etc.

One of my me things is surfing. My favorite surf sessions involve funky shaped boards on funky little waves, trying to do funky little maneuvers. I’ll never be a pro surfer but you things aren’t supposed to feel like work. They should feel fun.

So get out there, do you things, ditch the funk, and just have some fun!

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