Pic(k) of the Week | “But First, Coffee.”

We’ve all seen and heard that ever so popular phrase that seems to be circling our social media feeds. “But first, coffee.”

Pic(k) of the Week | "But First, Coffee."

What a profound statement that makes: “I can’t do anything productive today until I get hopped up on caffeine and sugar.” It’s becoming less cool to take it with sugar but you can’t deny it tastes better that way.

I’m not bashing the concept. I find that often times my most productive days begin with a cup of Joe. But I think what makes coffee so strong isn’t the blend or lack of sweetener, but the process of having a cup each morning.

There’s something refreshing about a warm cup in one hand with the pages of a book or newspaper rustling in the other. You look up occasionally to check out the view in front of you (hopefully it’s waterfront) or swap smiles with passerby.

Whether it’s brewed in your cozy kitchen or by your favorite barista, it’s less about the coffee and more about the act. Hell, I bet you could even have the same experience with a glass of OJ.

The act of enjoying a cup before you take on the day has a certain effect that leaves you energized and ready to face life’s hurdles. Or maybe that’s just the caffeine and sugar….

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