Do You Work at Your Job?

Believe it or not, you work and your job are different. But you can do them at the same time if you choose to. Are you doing work at your job?

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Pic(k) of the Week | Through Your Eyes

Chances are, your favorite lyrics, photos, and jokes are your favorites because they come from perspective that’s not yours.

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Your Camera Doesn’t Take Pictures

I love camera gear as much as the next guy. But if you think the camera is the one taking the pictures, you’re doing it wrong.

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Pic(k) of the Week | Focus On the Positive

Location, weather, and tragedies in the news often get us so down that we forget the sun will come out again. It’s important to focus on the positive.

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Grab a Towel

When a storm rolls through our lives, it’s easy to point fingers. We tend to spend time blaming, when what we really need is a towel.

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Pic(k) of the Week | Do “You Things”

One of the best ways to get out of your funk is to do “you things.” Surfing helps me get out of my funk. What gets you out of yours?

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De-Funk the Defunct

Everybody gets into a funk every once in a while. What people don’t immediately realize is that your funk is not forever. Here’s how to de-funk:

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Pic(k) of the Week | You’re a Tourist Too

Not laughing at tourists is hard. Being nice directly to their stupid face is even harder. But you’re a tourist too.

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6 Reasons Why Tourists Are Happier Than You

Tourists have a bad rep for sticking out like sore thumbs. But who says standing out is a bad thing?

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