Do Yourself a Favor: Get a Mentor

In the past few years, I’ve had a number of mentors. I’ve had photography mentors, videography mentors, writing mentors, marketing mentors, surfing mentors, faith mentors, and all-around life mentors. If I knew somebody that was amazing at ping pong, I’d get a mentor for that too. I suck at ping pong. Basically, mentorships are awesome relationships to have.

Do Yourself a Favor: Get a Mentor

Here’s Why Mentors Rule

1. They make you better

Who doesn’t want to get better at something?

2. They have experience and are willing to share it with you

Successful people love helping people that are interested in what they do

3. By learning from their mistakes, you can avoid them yourself

Never repeat history, right?

4. Mentors don’t cost a dime

In fact, some invite you to assist them with jobs and will even PAY YOU

5. They can become close friends

Common interests bring people together, no matter the age or experience level

6. They help you make connections in the field of interest

Successful people are happy to help you get your feet wet in the industry

Why Would Somebody Mentor You?

  • Successful people loving passing on knowledge to interested up-and-comers
  • It’s a compliment to their skills
  • People like talking about their craft
  • They will end up learning from you as well

What to Look For in a Mentor

1. Someone who can meet/speak regularly

It doesn’t have to be often, but consistent feedback is crucial for growth

2. Someone who will give you straight-up, unbiased, feedback

They’re coaches, not cheerleaders

3. Someone who is a master at their craft

They don’t have to be world-renowned, but you want to learn from someone who knows what they’re doing

4. Someone with an open mind

Not every master is fit to be a teacher. It takes patience, creativity, and an open mind to help someone improve their skills

How to Get a Mentor

1. Ask

Be straightforward and ask for their help

2. Get an internship/job

Sometimes your bosses can make great mentors

What to Expect of Your Mentor

  • Unbiased feedback
  • Regular meetings
  • “Assignments” to complete before the next meeting
  • Constructive (not destructive) criticism

What They Should Expect of Their Mentee(You)

  • Regular “attendance” of meetings
  • Complete “assignments” for meetings
  • Accept criticism with an open mind
  • Ask questions
  • Be excited

What do you have to lose? Find someone who’s work, attitude, or life that you admire and build a relationship with them. You’d be surprised at how willing people are to help if you show an interest in what they do. Get out there, be open-minded, and get better with the help of a mentor.



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