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Old Lens & Fresh Eyes | The 30-40-50 Challenge

My photography was becoming a bit stagnant. Thanks to an old lens and 30 days on my hands, I now see with fresh eyes.

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Ode to the Opening Band

This is an ode to the opening bands that give everything they have to their 25 minute set, because they give a damn. Thank you Opening Band.

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Throw Fish and Get Rich!

Pike Place Fish Market provides the perfect example of how to turn a struggling business around. The answer is not what you think! Throw fish and get rich!

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Do You Work at Your Job?

Believe it or not, you work and your job are different. But you can do them at the same time if you choose to. Are you doing work at your job?

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Your Camera Doesn’t Take Pictures

I love camera gear as much as the next guy. But if you think the camera is the one taking the pictures, you’re doing it wrong.

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Others Don’t Have to Lose When You Win

A lot of people are under the assumption that in order to win, everybody else has to lose. I’m beginning to realize that this isn’t always true.

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Do Yourself a Favor: Get a Mentor

If you want to boost your career, get a mentor. Here’s the what, who, how, and why of why mentorships are so important for your growth.

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One Rung at a Time

If a 15-year-old can discover Carlsbad Caverns, what’s keeping you? All it takes is a shitty ladder and willingness to explore, one rung at a time.

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Let Your Work (and Clients) Speak for You

In a world of gimmicky advertising, nothing speaks louder than client testimonials. Here’s why your customers’ words matter more than your dumb ads.

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