FIELD NOTES | The Bro’d Trip: February

Field Notes is a quick behind-the-scenes recap of the goings on in my life that didn’t make the cut for social media. Check out my second month on the road.

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FIELD NOTES | The Bro’d Trip: January

Welcome to Field Notes, a quick behind-the-scenes recap of the goings on in my life that didn’t make the cut for social media or larger blog posts. Essentially, this is a dumping grounds for photos and […]

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Old Lens & Fresh Eyes | The 30-40-50 Challenge

My photography was becoming a bit stagnant. Thanks to an old lens and 30 days on my hands, I now see with fresh eyes.

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Home Is Not a Place

After a brief visit to my home of Florida, I realized that home isn’t a place that you can pin down on a map but rather a feeling that can be felt anywhere.

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Ode to the Opening Band

This is an ode to the opening bands that give everything they have to their 25 minute set, because they give a damn. Thank you Opening Band.

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What Denali Taught Me About Solitude, Intuition, and Complaining

For some, Denali National Park is seen as Alaska’s greatest tourist trap. For me, a backpacking trip in the wilderness provided some important insight.

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I Don’t Know a Lot of Things

After a lot of thought, I’ve realized that there’s a lot that I don’t know. Maybe you’ve felt the same way. I’m not great at juggling either….

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I’m Driving to Alaska Tomorrow

Tomorrow, I’ll find myself in a place that I’ve been dreaming of for the better part of two years. I’ll be on the Alaska Highway. Frankly, I’m terrified.

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Pic(k) of the Week | Spiderman Day

I met Spiderman on a typical Wednesday. But to him it wasn’t just a typical Wednesday. It was Spiderman Day! When’s the last time you celebrated?

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